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  • How do I get started?

    It’s easy, simply click on “Sign Up Now” to create your Administrative Login by entering your contact details and password. Next, create a custom URL for your team and enter your Company Information. Next enter the number of evaluations you want to purchase and complete payment information. Once an evaluation is purchased, it is non-refundable however it will not expire.

    An email will be sent when the purchasing process is complete. Follow the link in that email for complete instructions on how to finish setting up your account.

    Once your company’s account set up is complete, your employees are ready to begin taking the evaluation. Each employee will receive an email with instructions for completing their online medical evaluation.

  • How long will the online respirator medical evaluation take?

    On average, it will take approximately 10 minutes to complete the questionnaire.

  • How quickly will the results be available?

    Most employees who take the online medical evaluation will be cleared upon completion of the test. Those letters are emailed to the employer within minutes of the test being completed. Those evaluations requiring further evaluation are reviewed within two (2) business days and a letter is emailed upon completion of the review. That letter may clear the employee or request further information.

  • Can the employee log on the system after business hours to complete the respirator medical evaluation or fit test training?

    Yes, the online system is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, however OSHA requires that the employer allow the employee to take the medical evaluation during their normal work hours.

  • Is the respirator medical evaluation offered in Spanish?

    Yes, we offer the respirator medical evaluation in both English and Spanish.

  • How do employees access the evaluation?

    The evaluation may be completed from a computer or or mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet.

  • What if my employees are not computer literate?

    If your employee is able to point and click a mouse, they will be able to complete the evaluation.

  • Can I help my employee take the evaluation?

    You can enter the URL into the browser, enter the login ID for them, and show them how to point and click the mouse. Per Appendix C of The OSHA Respirator Standard, the employer or supervisor must not look at or review the employee’s answers.

  • What is the process if an employee does not receive an instant online respirator clearance?

    Those questionnaires requiring further evaluations will be referred to our medical professionals on staff. They will directly contact the employee to clarify answers or request further information. Full clearance results will be dependent upon the availability of the employee. Once a clearance determination is provided, the letter will be immediately generated and available online and for printing.

  • How do employees obtain records of the respirator medical evaluation?

    Employees will receive an email with a certificate once approved. Employees can also download their clearance letter and print their results if they are connected to a local printer. They can also login later from a different computer and print the certificate.

  • How does a company administrator obtain records of the respirator medical evaluation for each employee?

    The company administrator can obtain records of the respirator medical evaluation for each employee from the company dashboard. Due to privacy requirements, employers may not view employees’ responses to the medical examination, only the current status of their approval.

  • Can I export current spreadsheets of employee status?

    Yes, under the Employees section there is an option to export a spreadsheet once an employee is selected. You can also filter employees by status and export lists from those filtered searches.

  • Do I need to provide medical evaluations for seasonal and temporary employees?

    If seasonal or temporary employees are required to wear a respirator, you must provide them with medical evaluations. The frequency or length of an employee’s term of employment does not affect the requirement for medical evaluations.

  • I have employees in the database that are no longer with the company, can I delete them?

    Users can be marked as “Inactive” when they are no longer with your company. This makes it easier to manage your active users while preserving the data if records are needed on former employees.

  • How long is the respirator clearance valid?

    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommends conducting a new respirator medical evaluation when workplace conditions change or an employee’s responses to the medical evaluation change. In practice, we recommend conducting annual medical evaluations.

  • How can I view which employees have taken the respirator medical evaluation?

    The Overview tab has a real-time summary of your team’s progress in completing the medical evaluations. Further details on employee status can be found in the Employees tab.

  • How do I add employees?

    Under the Employees tab, simply click the yellow “Add Employees” button and enter your employees’ contact information to assign the training. Your team will automatically be invited to complete the medical evaluation in either English or Spanish.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    RespSafety accepts credit cards (Mastercard, Visa and American Express) and purchase orders. Purchase orders may be used on orders for 10 or more evaluations.

  • Is my company and employee data secure?

    Yes. All medical evaluations are stored in an encrypted, HIPAA-compliant database. In addition, access to medical evaluation responses is limited per HIPAA regulations. In practice, having employees submit online responses is far more secure than collecting paper medical evaluations and mailing, faxing, or hand delivering to a physician.

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