Easy Online Respirator Medical Evaluations & fit test Kits

We make OSHA respirator clearance simple.

Fast, hassle-free and affordable OSHA respirator compliance for you and your team with our user-friendly questionnaires and fit testing kits.

We make OSHA respirator clearance simple

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Just two simple steps for full OSHA respirator compliance:

Complete a Respirator Medical Evaluation

If you’re an individual, complete the Respirator Medical Evaluation Questionnaire, or as a company owner, invite your employees.

Complete a Respirator Fit Test

No need to book a test facilitator. We’ll help you with the necessary tools and instructions to complete fit tests on your own.



Instant Approval Rating


<10 mins

Average Questionnaire



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50 States

Clients Nation-Wide

Versatile by Design

Our questionnaire is mobile-optimized, so you can take it on any device. As a company owner, set up a Kiosk and have employees take the Evaluation from your device or generate a QR code that directly links to the questionnaire. We also have a Spanish questionnaire option.

Apple & Google Wallet

Never get caught without your coverage on-hand again!

Have both respirator medical evaluation clearance and fit test record accessible from Apple and Google wallet, so employees always have them available when OSHA comes knocking.

Just open the pass in the wallet and show the pass; the inspector can scan the QR code to access an official record on the RespSafety website.

We’re an OSHA-Compliant Evaluator

When you take evaluations and fit tests with us, it’ll be according to official OSHA requirements and guidelines.

Qualitative Fit Tests on your terms

We give you everything you need to complete your fit tests on your own at your convenience. It’s less fuss and more affordable than booking with a test clinic.

Try out our fit testing resources:

  • DIY fit test kits
  • Fit Testing How-To Guide
  • Proprietary fit test data management software
  • Support from an OSHA-certified fit-testing technician who can help you tailor a solution to your needs.

Unsure what resources you need for a fit test?
Take our order recommendation questionnaire and we’ll recommend an order for your needs.

RespSafety for Companies

We’ve packed our dashboard with cutting-edge, user-friendly features to help effortlessly manage your campany’s evaluations across any industry or situation.

  • Special features

  • Employee Status and Notifications
  • RPP Administration and Distribution
  • Employee Fit Test Data Records
  • Delegate Employee Groups
  • Multi-Site Management
  • Unique Evaluation QR Code
  • Unique Company Access Code
  • Kiosk Mode
  • Multi-Language Questionnaires
  • And much more...

RespSafety for Individuals

If you’re an individual looking to get OSHA compliant on your own, we have everything you need at competitive prices.

“RespSafety is fast, convenient, and cost-efficient. It completely blows away our old vendor, what a difference!”

JM FabricationJohn M

“I’m not going back, this was too easy.”

AntEater RacingGeorge M

“RespSafety is a pleasure to work with. The site is easy to use, and RespSafety staff are always friendly and helpful when I’ve had a question.”

Diane KFirst Staffing

“Great price, great service. What else can I say, thanks again for making it easy to get compliant.”

Mike DProtech Services

“I was able to set up an account and get my team cleared in less than an hour. Why didn't we do this last year?”

Trembly ConstructionGary C

“Easy to use system. Love the instant approvals and ability to export clearance letters. Would recommend to anyone looking for online medical evals.”

AllValley Waste ManagementBob B

“Quick and painless, got my approval letter in less than 15 minutes. Thank you RespSafety.”

Renown HealthJenny A

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is RespSafety and how can it benefit my business?

    RespSafety is your all-inclusive solution for respiratory protection compliance, addressing one of the most commonly cited OSHA violations. Our platform not only simplifies compliance with an array of user-friendly tools, but also enhances your workplace safety with additional resources. From a board-certified online respirator medical evaluation system, to robust data management, and specialized training, RespSafety is committed to saving your time, reducing complexity, and ensuring that your business stays OSHA compliant.But we’re more than just a compliance platform. RespSafety’s DIY respirator fit testing kits and specialized training programs, backed by the expertise of OSHA-certified fit-testing technicians, offer a comprehensive approach to respiratory safety. With RespSafety, you’re not just meeting regulatory standards — you’re creating a safer, healthier workplace.

  • How flexible is the RespSafety platform?

    RespSafety provides flexibility with tools that allow you to create custom employee groups, assign multiple administrators, and utilize custom tags. Your employees can access our platform using a company code and password, through an emailed invitation, by scanning a QR code on their smartphone, or even through Kiosk mode when they do not have access to a personal device.

  • Is RespSafety secure and compliant with OSHA regulations?

    Yes. All medical evaluations and fit test records are stored in an encrypted database. In addition, RespSafety’s services are designed to be fully compliant with OSHA regulations, specifically meeting the requirements of the OSHA Respiratory Protection Standard 29 CFR 1910.134 and its appendices, ensuring your company’s respiratory protection program is up to the highest standards.

  • How does RespSafety streamline the compliance process?

    Our platform incorporates an instant online respirator medical evaluation system that requires only about 10 minutes to complete, with over 90% of evaluations receiving instant clearance. Any evaluation needing further review is typically completed within two business days. You can track all these processes in real-time through your company dashboard, and set up email notifications for updates on employee approval status.

  • What respirators does the medical evaluation cover?

    The online respirator medical evaluation can be used for all brands and types of respirators. This includes but is not limited to:

    1. Filtering facepiece respirators (N95, P100, etc.)
    2. Elastomeric respirators
    3. Powered air-purifying respirators (PAPRs)
    4. Self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA)
  • What kind of support can I expect from RespSafety?

    RespSafety provides expert guidance from OSHA-certified fit-testing technicians. Plus, our responsive customer service team is always ready to assist with any questions or issues you might have. We are committed to making compliance as easy and convenient as possible for you.

Ready to get compliant?

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